Case Study 2

low profile retention clip for a Tier 1 Interior Systems Supplier

stampingProduction Spring was approached by a Tier 1 Interior Systems supplier with an opportunity to help develop a low profile retention clip for an interior trim bezel application. While our competitors didn't see the commercial value in this project due to its perceived low volume, Production Spring committed the time and resources to solving the problem.

Production Spring worked closely with the customer and arrived at a solution that met the customer's needs without a change to the original bezel design. Due to the ease of installation of the clip and the effectiveness of the design, the annual volume more than quadrupled from its original quoted volume.

We were pleased to support our customer by providing a solution to a complex and potentially costly problem.



four slides

Production Spring produces a wide variety of products on 20 four slide machines.  Our Nilson FS1 thru FS4 four slide machines provide between 8 and 30 tons of stamping capability and can handle materials from to 1.25” (32mm) to 2.5” (64mm) wide...

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