Case Study 3

custom clip for the most popular SUV platform

stampingProduction Spring has been supplying a custom designed clip to an OEM on the most popular SUV platform in the world. In fact, we are currently supplying a version of that clip on the fifth generation of that SUV product line. Due to certain upgrades in the design format of the instrument panel, the OEM needed a more robust verification of proper installation of the clip. Production Spring collaborated with the OEM and supply based engineering resources to develop a retaining clip and bolt assembly that would be shipped in tact to the OEM's assembly operations.

The OEM can utilize their Manufacturing Information System (MIS) to automatically link the installation properties of the clip/bolt assembly to each vehicle identification number. If the clip/bolt assembly is not properly installed, the system provides feedback to the line operator immediately and can be corrected at the initial point of assembly onto the vehicle.



Production Spring provides a wide array of in-house assembly and additional processing. Assembly processes are customized to your product requirements and may be automated...

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