Four slides

Production Spring produces a wide variety of products on 20 four slide machines.  Our Nilson FS1 thru FS4 four slide machines provide between 8 and 30 tons of stamping capability and can handle materials from to 1.25” (32mm) to 2.5” (64mm) wide. These machines are extremely versatile and are conducive to high mix – low volume or high volume production requirements. Tooling typically costs much less than a traditional progressive die with a shorter lead time. Die protection monitors have been installed on all four slide machines. Disciplined sensor selection and assignment has proved to be beneficial in regard to tool life and productivity.


Interior Trim Attachment clips facilitate the use of a metal spring fastener that allows for the attachment of automotive trim into an opening that is hidden by the same piece of trim. The fastener is typically attached to the trim by the trim manufacturer, and is “snapped” into the vehicle by the OEM.

Other applications for interior trim clips include: Reinforcement of plastic materials for screw attachment; co-planar joinery of materials, door, console, and instrument panel trim attachment; seat trim and back panel attachments; door threshold attachment.


Tier 1 Interior Systems supplier

“Production Spring worked under a tight deadline to get this done for us. We were able to stay on our production launch schedule without disruption. They displayed the kind of focus and commitment that we value in our suppliers.” – Engineering Program Manager

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Case Study

Production Spring was approached by a Tier 1 Interior Systems supplier with an opportunity to help develop a low profile retention clip for an interior trim bezel application...

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