Production Spring utilizes three different styles of machine within our stamping department. Gap frame presses up to 165 tons are paired with compound dies to produce shims and spacer products. OBI (open back inclinable) presses up to 60 tons run small progressive and compound dies that manufacture a wide variety of brackets, clips, and washers. Our 100 Ton straight side press is utilized with progressive dies for the producution of more complex brackets and clips.

Coil handling and feeding equipment can accommodate a wide variety of materials with stock widths from 0.5” (12.7mm) to 10” (397mm). All presses are o equipped with press monitoring and die protection technology to ensure our automated stamping system functions with prolonged efficiency.



A power transfer unit is used in four-wheel vehicles that have primarily been based on front-wheel drive vehicles with transversely mounted engines. The main function of the power transfer unit is to change the direction of power flow to the rear shaft. The power transfer unit may also contain a center differential for full-time four-wheel drive and/or a torque management device.

The Rear Drive Module is a compact, lightweight gear box with disconnect clutch for electric motor assisted AWD solutions. The simple interface allows the gear box to be combined with various E-motors technologies. The controlled disconnect clutch allows seamless switching from 4WD to 2WD mode.

The shims produced by Production Spring help to ensure that the gear engagements for these assemblies operate quietly and without vibration. The shims are manufactured as a family of parts of varying thicknesses typically separated by 30 micron increments. This allows the PTU/ RDM manufacturer to select a shim that will ensure proper gear engagement regardless of the variation inherent in the other components of the assembly.


Tier I Supplier of Power Transfer Systems

“We were very skeptical of Production Spring’s ability to meet our stringent quality standards and remain price competitive. We were pleasantly surprised at their level of professionalism, the consistent quality of their parts and the substantial savings they created for us. They mean what they say about customer service. It’s been a pleasure working with the Production Spring team.” – Director of Global Purchasing

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Tier I Supplier of Power Transfer Systems and Differential Units with operations in the US and Mexico.

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