Vendor requirements

Vendor Requirements

1. All direct product suppliers must be third party registered with a Quality system at a minimum level of ISO9001.
2. All heat treatment vendors must submit an AIAG CQI-9 assessment annually.
3. All plating vendors must submit an AIAG CQI-11 assessment annually.
4. All coating vendors must submit an AIAG CQI-12 assessment annually.

5. PPAP is required for all suppliers at a level 4 for new business. Specific requirements include:

5a. Warrant
5b. Product validation (size, hardness, plating thickness, etc)
5c. Performance requirement results (salt spray, adhesion, etc)
5d. IMDS submission (if applicable)

6. Suppliers will be evaluated quarterly in regards to competitive price, timely delivery, expedited freight, quality of product.
7. All suppliers must provide material and/or processing certification for each lot/batch of material/parts processed.